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Earrings Pearls

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A jewell with a real Tahitian cultured pearl is an excellent idea for all kinds of occasions that will delight all women of all ages and personalities.

Tahitian Black Pearls

We are located in the South Pacific Ocean.

The territory consists of 118 islands of which only 76 are inhabited. The 5 archipelagos extend over a surface as large as the United States. The island of Tahiti is located about 2500 miles south of Hawaii, 3700 miles east of Australia and 4000 miles from Los Angeles.

Our atolls are the only ones able to produce the black pearl of Tahiti which comes from a mother-of-pearl called the Pinctada margaritifera. Since the beginning of the 20th century this oyster has been sought for its shell whose mother of pearl is splendid and also manufactures jewelry. It will take several years to harvest a pearl with 100% natural colors.

Tahitian pearls are not really black but have grey, silver, brown and sometimes rarer shades of blue, purple and gold.

This pearl is produced by an oyster which can be distinguished by their black lips. Their good growth requires regular control and a good balance of the lagoon environment. Some shellfish are banned from exportation because they are the natural predators of a starfish that devours coral and weakens the lagoons. Some microorganisms also destroy the nutrients and limit the growth of nacres. Some atolls can no longer produce pearls because the lagoon environment is no longer healthy enough for oysters.

The buyers are mainly big companies that sell the pearls in their luxury shops. Today, thanks to the submarine telecommunication network coming from the island of Hawaii, we use the power of the internet to communicate directly with our customers, without going through these big companies.

By buying on our shop earringspearls.com you are guaranteed to receive genuine Tahitian pearls and not freshwater pearls that that could have been artificially darkened by colorants, silver nitrate or gamma rays. We deliver directly from Tahiti to your home by post.


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