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Earring with pearl & rectangle in mother-of-pearl

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Gilded or Gold-Filled

A rectangle in mother-of-pearl with pearly reflactions & a Tahitian pearl from 0,33in 0,43in.

✅ Gilded rings for jewelry about 2 inch in diameter with special treatment that prevents ageing and tarnishing. Its appearance is similar to gold.

✅ Gold-Filled rings and hook. The weight of gold is 50 to 100 times more gold than in a gold-plated jewel. Gold-Filled jewelry does not tarnish, flake or need maintenance even after several decades.

The perfect jewel 💍 Handmade jewelry for natural pearls lovers from Tahiti. The Tahitian pearls are the most precious of all the cultured pearls in the world because this is the only Pinctada Margaritifera oysters can produce pearls with such a variety of colours. Jewelry change women in order to make it look more attractive, with the result that it looks Stunning.💖 The Tahitian pearl still symbolizes the charm of Aphrodite and would stimulate will and self-esteem.💗

Mothered by the Nature under human care 

Orient and Lustre

The orient of a pearl is the result of the distortion of light through calcium carbonate crystals. This phenomenon gives the observer the impression of looking at a radiating sphere, the contours of which would be translucent. Orient, deep light shining in the core of the pearl, is not to be confused with lustre, which is the reflection of light on its surface. The beauty of a pearl comes from the combinaison of orient, lustre and colour. 


The colour of a pearl varies depending on different factors : the variety of oyster, the natural environment, the choice of the piece of mantle added during the grafting operation, and, of course, the element of luck. Most oysters produce white pearls. Only Pinctada Margaritifera produces pearls with a wide range of colours. The influence of the environment is still quite unknown. Pearl colour also varies according to the presence of minerals in the sea water, the degree of salinity, the quantity of plankton and the water temperature.

The price of a good pearl

It takes more than 50 months of effort to produce a pearl.And that from 2000 shells, only 40 will produce a round pearl and 70 semi round. Out of 2000 shells raised, 55% will die. After grafting, 25% will not produce a pearl because of rejection of the nucleus or post-operative mortality. 20% of pearls harvested come from 400 shells, or 44% of grafted oysters. The ten highest quality pearls represent 2,5% of harvested pearls, or 0,5% of grafted shells.

Nacre or Mother-of-pearl 🏝

Nacre was undoubtedly one of the first natural and precious materials used all over the world for jewelry, ornaments ant tools.

While evidence of nacre and pearl use, dating from ancient times, is found in the history of North Africa, the Middle East and Asia, it was only in the eighteenth century that the first descriptions of Polynesian ornaments appeared with the discovery ot the Pacific by French, English, Spanish and Dutch explorers. Eager for riches, expedition leaders advised their men to pay close attention to the islanders' jewelry. The first Polynesians knew how to polish nacre, to combine it with other materials such as the feathers of the frigate-bird, the parakeet, the duck and rooster, so as to create multi-coloured ornaments charged with symbolic meaning, expressing prestige, social class and wealth. The different elements were woven together using braids of hair, sometimes from an old man's beard, or braids of pandanus leaves or coconut husks. Chiefs' costumes, head-dresses for ceremonial occasions, breast-plates from Mangareva in the Gambier Archipelago, from the Society Islands and, of course, from the Tuamotu Islands, were all decorated in this manner. The thickness of the oyster shell, Pinctada Margaritifera, meant that it could be used to make tools such as shovels and scrapers.

Europeans were surprised by the lack of interest that the pearl itself excited among the Polynesians. This has generally been attributed to a lack of know-how. Being unable to pierce the pearl in order to incoroporate it into their ornamental creations, and not having the same concept of value as European or Asian people, the Polynesian do not appear to have considered it sacred or saleable.
Today, nacre is still used as money in certain Pacific regions, such as the island of Yap in Micronesia and in Papua New Guinea.


Worldwide Delivery


Each Tahitian pearl is unique in shape, size and color. Tahitian black pearls are not freshwater pearls. Photograph is not contractual.

Pearls, shells, leaves, flowers and other carved shapes are made from natural products.

Our genuine tahitian black pearls are fixed on three types of supports. The first is in gold filled, the second is sterling silver and the third is made of brass and stainless steel and perfectly adapted to jewelry (oxidation and tarnishing resistant). A true black Tahitian pearl is rare, and largely considered one of the most beautiful kinds of pearls in the world.

Our materials are tested before manufacture. We even took sea baths with it: nothing gets damaged!

For your satisfaction and your budget we offer a range with rings in gold filled, sterling silver or gilded stainless steel for jewelry.

Choosing a gift is usually complicated for reasons of budget or uncertainty about the quality of the materials. But our prices remain very correct because you buy directly from an online store located on the island of Tahiti.

The Tahitian pearl is a luxury product because it is a natural product that requires several years of cultivation. The colours of our pearls are 100% natural. The Tahitian pearl still symbolizes the charm of Aphrodite. Some explain that the pearl is directly connected to the heart chakra and that it may be for this reason that the Tahitian pearl would stimulate will and self-esteem.

Please note that due to the different lighting of computer monitors and tablets, colors may vary slightly.

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